Novamed offers a wide range of Spirometry solutions from MIR that function as minilabs capable of performing both Spirometry and Oximetry, including new diagnostic processes for sleep apnea. User-friendliness makes all our devices ideal for both specialists and family doctors.


FlowMir Disposable Turbine - Simple, Accurate, Hygienic 

High accuracy and hygiene are 100% guaranteed now with Cardboard Mouthpiece

The new small disposable turbine is an inexpensive alternative to a costly

reusable flowmeter and does not need any syringe calibration

since FlowMir is already calibrated. A full spirometry session

can be done, including a bronchial challenge test, using one FlowMir

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Insert Earphones provide many advantages that can enhance test reliability and minimize or eliminate problems typically encountered with supra-aural earphones. Because the test subject's external canal is seated with an E-A-R Link foam eartip, reliable threshold measurement can be accomplished in environments previously unsuitable for hearing testing. The E-A-R TONE Insert Earphone's direct coupling to the ear canal also provides greater sound seperation between ears across the test frequency range.

Novamed Supplies both the Yellow Adult and Beige Paediatric foam eartip inserts for audiometry testing


3M™ E-A-RLINK™ Foam Eartips 3A 420-2004, yellow, Adult Size
3M™ E-A-RLINK™ 3B Foam Eartip pediatric size, beige




At Novamed we believe in quality and accuracy that is why we choose Medismart diabetic monitoring solutions.  Combined with the experience and service quality of Lobeck Medical AG who ensure that only reliable and high quality glucose meters reach the customer.


MediSmart® Ruby Blood glucose monitoring system - NO MORE CODING - Curved shape, easy to hold - Bigger LCD screen with backlit figures, bigger buttons - High accuracy according to new DIN EN ISO 15197 - HCT-range 20 – 60% - Ketone-warning, pre- and aftermeal marker - Under-fill blood volume detection - 480 test memory with averaging - Attractive design and mini-USB port - MediSmart® Glucomanager software compatibility

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LAURA® Smart is an effective and powerfull solution for the analysis of urine, which is designed for laboratories, ambulances of general practitioners, family doctors or specialists. Evaluation of the urine with LAURA Smart reader helps to eliminate any subjective interpretation of the colour reaction of the diagnostic pad s and therefore remarkably contributes to the correct diagnostic of the patient.

Four types of diagnostic strips, which differ in the number of parameters, are intended for use with the device:







Parameters which can be determined by using diagnostic strips are: pH, protein (ALB), glucose (GLU), ketones (KET), urobilinogen (UBG), bilirubin (BIL), blood (BLD), as well as specific gravity (SG), nitrites (NIT) and leucocytes (LEU). LAURA® Smart  identifies the type of the strip used/inserted automatically. The compensation field (CF) allows eliminate the different colours of the urine samples.

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Novamed are proud to supply the award winning Qardio range of Smart Cardiac Monitoring and Blood Pressure devices manufactured by Qardio Limited. We supply to a wide variety of customers. From Hospitals and EMS services to Shopping centres, Schools and Hotels. All our products are CE certified and come with a warranty and service maintenance plan.


Novamed offer full level maintenance and support wherever you are. Novamed also offers extended service and maintenance packages that gives you peace of mind that your system is functioning 100%, and it won't let you down when it is needed most. Please contact Novamed for more information and a brochure on our systems. 


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Novamed offers 3 Blood Pressure monitors for your Clinic or Medical practice. The Blood pressure monitors offer a wide range of functionality such as: 90 memory recall function / Irregular heartbeat indicator / Body movement indicator /Average of last 3 readings /Easy to read LCD display / Cuff storage holder / Time and date / AC adapter is optional (AC-230CZ) / One-touch operation / Full automatic inflation / Quiet inflation / Automatic power off function.



Novamed offers 2 body temprature monitors for your Clinic or Medical practice. Product features include Antibacterial Ear Thermometer / No need to use probe cover / 1~3 second measurment / 12 memory / °C&°F switching / Auto power off

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